The struggle against garbage in nature


The problem of pollution of nature by household waste is clear and obvious. There are practically no popular natural locations in the Almaty region that are not littered with rubbish left behind by visitors. In this case, not only the aesthetics of the landscape suffers. Rubbish causes real damage to the ecosphere, threatens people’s health, and negatively affects the tourism business.


In the first stage, to attract public attention to the problem of pollution by household waste, an eco-performance called “Trash Fleet” was carried out. Rafts were built from the collected rubbish, on which a group of activists went rafting on the Ili River (video of this action here). Participants monitored pollution on the river, participated in rubbish collection and created topical environmental content. The “Trash Fleet” action initiated a new stage of public discussion on the problem of household waste and became an informative occasion for more than 50 informational materials in the media, including on national and interstate TV.


The second stage was related to the involvement of young people in community activities to reduce litter in nature. A number of student volunteer actions were initiated to collect litter in the Ile-Alatau National Nature Park. An information campaign in social networks and a flash mob #возьмимусорссобой reached 183,000 people. To motivate, share experiences and improve the competences of young people interested in environmental issues, the traditional rafting event (video of the event here) and the eco-activists’ meeting (video here) were held.

Сплав по реке Или Трэш Флота
Флэш моб Возьми мусор с собой
Студенты активисты собирают мусор в горах Алматы
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